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1 True or False: Workplace injuries and illnesses can lower morale and increased cost to train replacement workers. 2 According to “The Act”, what is

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1 True or False: Workplace injuries and illnesses can lower morale and increased cost to train replacement   workers. 2 According to “The Act”, what is the mission   of OSHA? 3 True or   False – Section 11(c) of the OSH Act states: employers shall furnish to each   employees a place of employment which are free from recognized hazards? 4 What is a Horizontal Standard? 5 True or   False: OSHA directives including Enforcement and compliance directives ensures   consistent enforcement of OSHA regulations. 6 True or False – If corrected yet documented at time of inspection,   the employers must certify that   abatement is completed for each cited violation? 7 Define Creating Employer? 8 What   is the process Compliance Safety Health Officer (CSHO) uses when conducting   an inspection? 9 True or   False: Days the employee was only able to work a partial work shift is classified as restricted work activity. 10 When   calculating incident rate, how many   emploees does the 200,000 figure in the formula represent? 11 True or False: Leading by example is a way to demonstrate management leadership and commitment to   Safety and health? 12 In accordance with (IAW) 1926.20(B) having a safety & health program and jobsite inspections by a competent person are two   main components of an employer’s ________ __________ responsibilities. 13 How far can   a Class 2A Fire Extinguishers be away from the   employees? 14 True or False: Accident prevention   signs such as danger, caution and exits signs shall be visible while   working. 15 What is the maximum deceleration   distance a personal fall arrest system shall bring employees to a   stop? 16 True or False: Only hand   and power tools purchased by the employer must be maintained in a   safe condition. 17 IAW Subpart C what is the   definition qualified person. 18 How do you protect employee  and other employees vision in the vicinity   during Arc Welding operations? 19 True or   False: Failure to inspect oil or grease on regulator fitting, valves   or cap threads on a oxygen cylinder can result   in fire or explosion. 20 How should Personal Fall Arrest System   (PFAS) be rigged? 21 When using   mechanical equipment perpendicular from the roof edge, how   far away from the roof edge must warning line be? 22 Who initiates and maintains accident prevention programs. 23 Define Assured Equipment Grounding Conductor program. 24 True of False: When guarding live parts, areas with 45 volts or   greater, requires that only a qualified person   (electrician) have access to protected areas. 25 Define bonding. 26 True or   False: When working around Power Transmission & Distribution lines you only have to give an   initial Job briefing at the beginning   of the project if the work being performed is repetitive and similar to other   task? 27 True or   False: A competent person shall supervise the dismantling   of scaffolding? 28 IAW Subpart M, what is the   height of a the top rail of a guardrail   system. 29 When   must a material   chute be enclosed during demolition   operations. 30 Define   “Type B” Soil. 31 True or False? A masonry wall must be braced when it reaches 6 feet   in height? 32 True or False: On temporary stairs, handrails must have a minimum   clearance of 4 inches? 33 What are the requirements   for a “limited access zone”   for masonry construction. 34 What is the intended load of the max intended load   for self-supporting portable ladders? (Robert   Kuri) 35 True or False: During Steel Erection, controlled   decking zone can used as fall protection up to a maximum height of 50   feet? 36 In Accordance With (IAW) Subpart P, Appendix B, Figure B-1, when   performing short-term excavations, what   is the sloped ratio, duration limit, and depth   limit when excavating Type A soil? 37 When must portable ladders be removed from service? 38 When is cross bracing on a scaffold acceptable as a midrail? 39 True or   False? Material handling rigging equipment   only needs to be inspected once daily? 40 Who has the   authority to stop crane operations? 41 IAW   1926.1419, during operations when is the operator required to safely stop operations… 42 Who is   responsible for training crane signal   personnel. 43 True or False: Rollover Protection materials must perform at -10   degrees Fahrenheit? 44 What regulation covers   training for powered industrial trucks? 45 IAW Subpart A, which organization and regulation (incorporated by reference) covers eye and face protection. 46 What is the hierarchical control method employers use to protect   employees. 47 Respirators are covered by what   regulation? 48 IAW Subpart D, when is   personnel certified firstaid training required? 49 How should drinking water be dispensed from portable   containers? 50 True or Flase: IAW Subpart D paragraph L, excessive exposure to lead only has adverse effects   on the male reproductive system. 0; +k�C9

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