1 Which of the following concepts is used in both structuralist and constructivist (interactionist) perspectives?

1 Which of the following concepts is used in both structuralist and constructivist (interactionist) perspectives?Select one:a. identityb. social systemc. roled. sanctionse. self2 The assumption that the structure of the whole is always greater than the sum total of its parts is known as the postulate of:Select one:a. methodological nominalismb. social systems analysisc. the arithmetic meand. methodological holisme. the sociological imagination3 Which of the following “deaths” is not included among the deaths associated with postmodernism?Select one:a. death of realityb. death of illusionc. death of truthd. death of societye. death of subject identity4 Which of the following is not included by Joel Bakan as a symptom of corporate psychopathology:Select one:a. superficialb. irresponsiblec. remorselessd. speculativee. manipulative6When the transaction costs of organizing group activities fall below the level of any potential profit to be made from centrally organizing these activities, this condition is commonly known as:Select one:a. the bottom lineb. Coasean floorc. bankruptcyd. the fiscal cliffe. Marx’s realization crisis7Which of the following social conditions is not normally regarded as a consequence of the new Information and Communication technologies?Select one:a. Globalizationb. privatizationc. decentralizationd. interactivitye. connectivity8 Which of the following terms is commonly used to describe a masculinized worldview of social relations?Select one:a. anthropocentricb. patrocentricc. androcentricd. paternocentrice. homocentric9 Which of the following procedures is not associated with the “mortification of the self”?Select one:a. admission proceduresb. release proceduresc. contaminative exposured. regimentatione. all of these procedures are associated with the “mortification of the self”10 Which of the Management Theory perspectives first researched the attitudes, sentiments, and feelings of workers in the organization?Select one:a. Psychoanalytic perspectiveb. Human Relations perspectivec. Postmodernist perspectived. Scientific Management perspectivee. Critical Theory perspective11 Which of the following iconic individuals was not associated with the paired organization?Select one:a. MacDonald’s: Ray Crocb. Wardair: Max Wardc. Wal-Mart: Sam Waltond. Apple Inc: Steve Jobse. Ford Motor Company: Mayor Rob Ford12 In his classification of the different roles performed by managers, Mintzberg did not include one (or more) of the following roles. Which one(s) did he not include?Select one:a. interpersonal roleb. interactional rolec. informational roled. decisional rolee. both a and d

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