According to the question that I asked you, what do you think the answer below please give me the answer in positive way like I do agree 1.

According to the question that I asked you, what do you think the answer below please give me the answer in positive way like I do agree1. Transformational leaders will use inspiration and excitement to drive behaviors. This is in contrast to the transactional leader who uses rewards and punishment to mover their efforts in the direction they might want. The transformational leader will use their abilities and attributes to garner acceptance to their plan and will get people to follow their lead. Charismatic leaders inspire their people through their passion. They have the unique ability to create a vision and put a plan in place for people to get behind and implement. This type of leader relies upon referent power in which their employees see them as someone they may want to emulate. 2.An effective leader is a good listener, reader of people, motivator, and a moral compass for their followers. An effective leader can use different leadership styles when the situation warrants, and can be trusted to make decisions based on the good of the group or company, which may conflict with different group members or affect group dynamics. In comparison, a good follower is not a push-over or person who just does what the leader requests without providing their input. Good followers are valued partners to the leader and can be trusted to provide feedback, advise the leader when a situation occurs when the leader is seeking input on how best to handle a situation, ad supporter of the leader, even though they will not always agree on the leader’s decision.I am a dynamic follower to a leader who makes decisions based on what is best for the organization, group, and follower; and leads with ethical and moral values. I believe part of being a good leader is being a good follower. A leader must be willing to help others in a supportive and constructive manner, to help the person be successful. Without understanding how to be a good follower, as a leader you can take people for granted, and not provide the proper support and encouragement, but rather bemore of a leader who believes that the person they are leading should follow their direction because of their position or level in an organization. I have counseled and mentored new leaders and take a lot of time teaching them the importance of respect for their group members or employees, because they are the ones who will make the leader successful. It takes stepping down fromthe authority figure and finding out what motivated people, and what their goals and objectives are. It can be a learned skill, but I believe being a good leader takes personal initiative in wanting to be successful, and be willing to be a good follower.Authentic leaders possess the ability and traits of many leadership styles. They are able to transform their leadership skills dependent upon the specific situation they find themselves leading. This type of leader is very self-aware of their own value system and uses it as a foundation to make decisions which inspires their followers to come along with the vision as created by this leader. Different cultures will often require different leadership styles. Leaders today that manage and lead in a multi-cultural environment must have the ability to flex and maintain fluidity in relation to their style in order to have people follow them. Even when moving from one organization to another, the cultures will differ and the ability to have success in changing the style will be indicative of that leader’s future success. In my recent change from a publically held firm to a much smaller family owned company, I have found that I needed to adjust my style to fit the new organizational structure. I have been blessed to have the opportunity to work closely with a mentor to lead me through this transformation and to insure my personality is in line with the cultural expectations of my new company.3.Interorganizational conflict occurs between two or more organizations. I have experienced this type of conflict at one company I worked for which had a union. Although the union did want to have a good relationship with the company, there were specific areas where they held their ground and did not want to compromise. These areas created inerorganizational conflict. An example was as manager I was allowed to give salary increases to my employees who were excelling in their work, but it was not allowed as the union would have used it to increase the salary of other employees who were doing a satisfactory job and received salary increases as part of the union contract. I would let the better performers know how much I valued their contribution and looked for other ways to reward them for their hard work, without creating conflict between the union and the company.Intragroup conflict occurs between groups. While some amount of conflict between groups provides constructive competition, it has to be carefully monitored and boundaries have to be clearly determined and shared. I saw intergroup conflict between some of my production teams. Some teams would only work to meet their goals and not worry about if the way they met their goals affected other production teams. This caused conflict as the other teams were required to work harder or not make production numbers due to choices made by another team. To try to resolve this conflict, I placed more emphasis on team goals and less emphasis on personal team goals. If one team was not meeting their expectations, I would let peer pressure address the issue, until a point where the supervisors or I stepped in. Interpersonal conflict occurs between two or more people. Personality conflicts, personal lives, different values, and many other sources of conflict can create an environment for interpersonal conflict. Sometimes the individuals in the conflict can work it out, and other times someone needs to step in and be a referee or neutral party mediator. Intrapersonal conflict occurs inside of an individual. We all have areas in life where we struggle to feel that we accomplished something, or are valued. Seeking out others to help us work through these situations is critical to moving past the personal conflict and continuing to grow and learn how to better identify and manage situations that create the personal conflict.4.Working with people who are younger than the baby boomer generation can cause interrole conflict because of different expectations of work-personal time balance. I have a couple of Engineers who are in the millennial generation and they value their personal time as much as their work time. They are dedicated workers who understand the time required to perform the work they need to accomplish, but they also value their time away from work. In response to this, I try to allow them to be flexible with their schedule. In the summertime they occasionally like to leave early and go play a round of golf. They may stay late or come in early to offset the time. When we are working a lot of hours due to a project requirement, I will try to get them out of work early so they can start their evening or weekend early. This balance allows them their work-personal life balance. Interrole conflicts are something my engineering team and I manage on almost a daily basis. The four of us in the engineering team manage many different projects and support almost every department in the organization. Managing to priorities and ensuring that we keep our customers happy is important to us. This creates conflict as we are pulled in many different ways. I let my team make many of the decisions on how best to manage their workload and feel my job is to support them by mentoring and teaching, setting priorities, helping them work through issues, and setting the overall direction of the priorities of the group. At one job I was at where the conflict between the company leadership’s direction and my personal values conflicted to the point I found a new job, one of my employees said he wasn’t surprised that I left because he knew I had an ethical management style and the direction of the company caused conflict for me.1. I believe that transformational leaders have their skills and talent to get people agree withthem and I agree to the point that inspiration is a great motivation that’s whytransformational…

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