According to Wolff (2012), the top 1/5 of all wage earners in the United States control what percent of all wealth in the country?

According to Wolff (2012), the top 1/5 of all wage earners in the United States control what percent of all wealth in the country? (Points : 1)       89%       66%       20%       45%Question 2.2. Society offers large amounts of money and prestige in order to encourage the best qualified and most intelligent members of society to fill the most demanding and important positions. In sociology this is known as (Points : 1)       false consciousness.       Davis-Moore theory.       assimilation.       credentialism.Question 3.3. For sociologists, the relationship between race and ethnicity is best described as: (Points : 1)       unrelated.       much of what people attribute to race is actually more about ethnicity.       nonexistant, as all racial discrimination was eliminated through of civil rights laws.       race is a term used to refer to minority groups while ethnicity refers only to dominant groups.Question 4.4. Noticing the one young, African-American male wearing “hip-hop style” clothing while failing to notice multiple others who are dressed the same way is an example of (Points : 1)       amalgamation.       selective perception.       dichotimation.       macroaggressions.Question 5.5. According to the 2014 census estimates, what percentage of the U.S. population is White? (Points : 1)       78%       56%       63%       48%Question 6.6. In order to be successful, a group like the National Rifle Association must draw from a wide variety of social classes and gun owners. The NRA membership should include working-class hunters, middle-class families who use guns for protection, and wealthy people who may collect rare guns as a hobby. For Weber, the NRA would be classified as (Points : 1)       status.       class.       authority.       party.Question 7.7. __________ is a social construct signaled by physical differences. (Points : 1)       Race       Affirmative action       Gender       Minority groupQuestion 8.8. ____________ is referred to as biological and anatomical difference between males and women. (Points : 1)       Doing gender       Gender roles       Hegemony       SexQuestion 9.9. Which of the following was not among the biological races once thought to exist in a “pure” form? (Points : 1)       Mongoloid       Eskimoid       Caucasoid       NegroidQuestion 10.10. According to Hill Collins, how can a White, middle-class male gain the wisdom of a poor, Latina who is a lesbian? (Points : 1)       Listen to the stories of poor Latina women and treat them as fact.       Read scientific studies of poor, Latina, and lesbian subcultures.       Read Hill Collins’s books on the subject.       Go “undercover” and pretend to be that person.

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