can you please enhance my paper its a Effective expository essays rely on reliable and sound research to establish a higher validity to a particular

can you please enhance my paper  its a Effective expository essays rely on reliable and sound research to establish a higher validity to a particular position or case.Include both parenthetical citations (or in-text citations) and a works cited page for any .  America’ s Continuous War On DrugsDrug use and abuse has been an age old problem in this country, as well as Others for as long as I can remember. It has plagued our countries and destroyed our family structure.. Everything that America stood for, hard work, independence, and wealth, has in some way been affected by the Drug epidemic. We see it everyday in our daily lives. In some way. Weather it is the news or other forms of social media, we are always as a society, hearing of the negative effect. Illegal drugs are having on our community as well as our country as a whole. We have made numerous attempts to gain control or combat the problem.First, we start small in our communities. We post signs near and 0n our schools. Making sure Sure that the street level drug dealers know that it is not ok to pedal their drugs here. Property values on homes and businesses lose value, and neighborhoods are not safe any more. And Society as a whole and people, in general, are just fed up.    We elect government officials, to sit in the office to come up with a solution to this vast problem.Still, as I write this paper the problem is no closer to being solved. They now have added Drug treatment facilities to which have been around for quite sometime. But just like frozen orange juice, gold, pork bellies, and other commodities. It is a supply and demand function.   The more the illegal drug is in demand, there will always be a supplier for it. With that said is there a way to control the addictive person’s use of the substance. I personally don’t believe so.I was taught in high school that there were no cocaine plants or opiate trees that grow in America. Not even a derivative of such. This is not nor will it be a felon in this on going problem, Rehabilitation Center does they work? I think they can when an addict is trying and able to completely finish the program with a positive mind set. I also notice that in any struggle you have to forgive yourself and other. They now have a needle exchange program where you can exchange your intravenously, and get new onset ones this will have an open discuss asking is it making it very easy for addicts to remain on drugs. I have witnessed and seen the addict population from older to high school kids. Now the government would like to set up clinic more like a safe place for addicts to go and shoot up drugs and be watch by nurses and trained professional to ensure their safety from an overdose. It’s a very controversial topic among society, unfortunately, this addiction is out of control so this seems to be the safest way to prevent people from dying in the street. On another hand will they ever stop shooting up if it is made so safe and convenient? These are the unanswered question that sticks in half of the Americans citizen mind. I personally like to look at things and situation in a positive outlook. This particular subject hits close to home having drug addicts in your family will allow you to look at the situation from a whole different perspective. However, I would feel much better knowing my brother is protected and safe surround by trained nursing profession. The concept is for the addicts to be monitored for the overdose to prevent death. I know that this is a crisis for all addicts. I always remind myself that addicts are somebody child, brother, and mother also a daughter. This huge drug problem we have in this country has been very hard

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