Complete 1 page APA formatted article: Lear Wont Take a Backseat. ?Lear Won’t Take a Backseat Answer 1 The strategic advantage afforded to Lear from virtual reality is the considerable reduction in ti

Complete 1 page APA formatted article: Lear Wont Take a Backseat. ?Lear Won’t Take a Backseat Answer 1The strategic advantage afforded to Lear from virtual reality is the considerable reduction in time taken to create prototype designing of seats and interior of automobiles. The technology has helped it to collaborate and integrate the work of designing and sculpting the interiors of automobiles and test it in virtual reality environment. The normal production to final designing is done with prototype designs made from clay and takes around three years to finalize it. By using virtual reality environment, Lear dramatically cut the design and production time to half.Answer 2Lear’s window of opportunity for strategic advantage given by using virtual reality environment would not be for long as technology is increasingly being adopted within the business strategy and processes across the globe. It has at the most around one to two years of advantage before its competitors catch up with it. With fast advancing technology, the businesses are rapidly adapting the technology based changes with their processes. It is envisioned that within the next two years, Lear’s competitors would be able to acquire expertise and competency in the designing and working in virtual environment. Hence, it is important that Lear continuously try to innovate to maintain its competitive advantage in the industry.Answer 3CAD system does offer Lear huge advantage because it hugely facilitated in digitalizing the manual process of designing. It helped the designers in creating designs that could be changed with the flick of cursor that not only saved time but also the physical labor intensive way of designing with clay.Answer 4Virtual reality system significantly adds value to Lear and GM mainly through creation of value chain that simplifies the various related processes and integrates them to reduce time. At the same time, it increases efficiency and gives the company distinct advantage in the market. Initially, it involved designers, sculptors and final production/ manufacturing. Lear’s use of technology eliminated the need for sculptors and designers were able to design prototypes and make appropriate correction to suit the customers without bothering with manual clay modeling of the design. The three dimensional virtual reality environment helped them to visualize and experience the real product in virtual environment. This was vital input that created a whole new concept of value chain for GM.Answer 5Lear executives could seek number of competitive advantages from IS in general. They had realized the huge opportunities that technology can give them in their business. Through digital revolution, they were able to exploit the potential of CAD and expand their interest into interior designing of automobiles. It can also use its expertise in designing auto parts and explore designing of automobile exterior with innovative inputs that could challenge the futuristic trend in car making. It can also start consultancy using conference based online system where designers from across the globe can corroborate to design cars of the future.ReferenceCase Study: Lear Won’t Take a Backseat.

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