Complete 2 pages APA formatted article: British Petroleum (B): Focus on learning.

Complete 2 pages APA formatted article: British Petroleum (B): Focus on learning. BP has made an important resource available to its operations: knowledge. The organization has to learn from various issues of other competitors.They should analyze the strategies implemented by other companies around the world and try to relate the issue solving strategies to the companies’ current issues. Different business environments provide varied work cultures and strategies to survive when the competition has been existing globally. Thus knowledge sharing enables to enhance the organizational abilities to better perform among the competitors. BP thus sending the managers and technical staff round the world to every corner to support the peer business entities to excel thus enables the employees to gain experience in different environments and enhancing the value of the parent organization.(2) BP has depicted knowledge as the prime resource to be considered which can propel the organizational governing ability by sharing the information between different departments and strategic business units. The main features which foster the BP organizational learning are:Post work performance appraisal to know the success rate of a particular strategy.The successful strategies implemented by the competitors or the other players will guide the company officials to generate ideas through that strategies.Dissemination of information between the several business units.GlaxoSmithKline’s pharmaceutical company has implemented it by cooperating in evolution of new products with the overseas business units.Assigning authorities to employees to make them more responsible towards their work.The employees are given freedom to initiate strategies and implement them in the business units assigned to them.By peer assisting (Peer groups, Other federal organizations, Personal transfer).Before initiating the strategies, they will open for a brainstorming among the managers of different business units and the right conclusions are drawn towards implementing them.Siemens group has organized peer assisting groups from the drawing strategies for the concerns in the business units.Benchmarking the performance of various units and sharing the expertise of the profitable unit with sick or dormant business unit to lift it up to progression.The employees who lead their units to high returns will be advised to suggest the alternative strategies to lift the sick business units and to raise their standards.Leadership learning from the most happening business entities, to locate the strategies they has implemented and moulds the strategies according to our work environment.Learning from alliance and joint ventures and inserting into our organization.Providing human portals.The third persons who were meant to search for able personalities in other business units who can address the concerns of sick business unit.Board memberships in the most reputed companies.ISPAT international general managers were made the members of other standard business unitsSet of information management principles like common operating environment, unified controls, industry standards, and new roles for IT personnel, use of internet and intranet, virtual teams.The returns are not mostly physical in nature as the managers are acquiring crucial industrial working knowledge that would enhance their personnel profile rather than the gifts and rewards. The employees can attain moral authority towards performing a job in the external environment outside the native work place. The employees who shares their knowledge with peers and subordinates were blessed with promotions. No, extra compensation but opens up opportunities to establish contacts in others sectors of the field.(3) Encourage cohesive attitude among the employees in same groups.Encourage the sharing of information and knowledge between different levels of employees in the hierarchy.Encourage spirit de crops.Cutting the organizational hierarchy and forge with core technical expertise persons.Promoting cross unit activities.Try to give them the authority to implement their strategies.Evaluating the success rate of the strategies implemented should be carried.Make the managers to locate the errors in execution of the strategies and suggest them to improve on them to next execution period.Recognize the work done by the employees by giving incentives and rewards which will boost their confidence and makes them to concentrate more on their work.Promoting the employers who shared the knowledge and experience along with the target performers in the organisation.

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