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Could you solve these problems? Thank for your help1.The Great Awakening developed in reaction to the:a. attempt of British officials to regulate colonial churchesb. increasing education and sophistication of backwoods settlersc. increasing role of emotionalism in religiond. tendency of the Enlightenment to place great emphasis on formal religione. Deism and skepticism associated with the Enlightenment 2.For Britain, the wars with France in the early eighteenth century, such as the French & Indian War (aka Seven Years’ War in Europe) created a huge national debt and a standing army. a. True b. False3.The British reacted to the Boston Tea Party by passing thea. Prohibitory Act. b. Intolerable Acts. c. Tea Act. d. Townshend Acts. e. Sugar Act. 4.The Loyalistsa. suffered from a loss of rights and property.b. left America for England and rarely anywhere else.c. were completely alienated from America.d. wanted protection from Britain but refused to fight for the crown.5.The experience of the Continental Army at Valley Forgea. Revealed the patriotism of the local farmers who provided supplies at reduced rates.b. Showed the willingness of the Continental Congress to spend for the troops as necessary.c. Gave the men strength through common bond and national sentiment.d. Gave the foreign trainers time to work with the undisciplined troopse. C and D6.The role of the French in the American Revolution did NOT include what below?a. Loans to buy supplies, pay troops and keep the war goingb. The actions of her navy to engage the British navy in the Caribbeanc. Supplying brilliant military minds to help train our own sadly lacking forcesd. Breaking a treaty with us later. 7.What below can NOT be considered a realistic view of the American Revolution?a. It began as an argument over the traditional rights of Englishmen.b. The complaints of the colonists were baffling and infuriating to Parliament.c. It was a bottom-up, grass-roots revolution, formulated and fought over the rights of the common mand. For the first two years it was almost more of a civil war than an international one.8.The Protestant Reformation in England:a. began more for political reasons than because of disagreement about religious doctrineb. was almost undone when Elizabeth tried to reimpose Catholicismc. was led by John Calvind. occurred prior to the Reformation in Germanye. led to the overthrow of Henry VIII9.The encomienda system:a. kept the Portuguese out of Mexicob. allowed privileged Spanish landowners to control Indian villagesc. benefited the Native American populations of Spanish Americad. allowed Mayan and Incan leaders to become very wealthy through the labor of their peoplee. was replicated by the English in their later New World colonies

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