Current issues in sports CLASS::

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Type of Paper*: Case Study
Subject or Discipline: Sport
Paper Instructions:: Current issues in sports CLASS::

You are required to watch the documentary “Icarus’ on Netflix. Then, write a summary of the documentary and discuss the actions of the individuals and organizations by incorporating the main concepts that are located on the bottom. The CH1-34 are the main concepts and relate them to the documentary (Icarus).

750 – 1000 words
APA formatting
minimum of 3 sources

CH1: Glocal Sport: Impact on Corporations and Institutions
CH2: The Commercialization of Sport**
CH5: The Global Economics of Sport
CH 4: Corruption in Sport
CH 6: Ethical Behavior and Values in Sport
CH 7: Politics and Sport Governance
CH 8: International Sport Law
CH 13: Sport Policy
CH 14: Mega Sport Events
CH 15: Sport Participation
CH 16: Leadership
CH 17: Gender
CH 18: Performance Management
CH 19: Doping
CH 21: Funding for Sport
CH 23: Disability Sport
CH 24: Ownership
CH 25: Social Media Challenge
CH 26: Managing Social Media in Sport
CH 28: Crisis Management
CH 30: Fan Loyalty
CH 31: Trust and Control in Sport Organization
CH 32: Sponsorship in Sport
CH 33: Athlete Transgressions
CH 34: Corporate Social
Number of Sources:: 3
Paper Format or Citation Style:: APA
Number of Pages*: 2 Pages Double Spaced

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