eek 8 Discussion A- (50 points)- Due February 27 View the video and share how the various aspects in the video apply to you current or previous work experience. YOU MUST STATE THE TERMS, MODELS, OR C

eek 8 Discussion A- (50 points)- Due February 27 View the video and share how the various aspects in the video apply to you current or previous work experience. YOU MUST STATE THE TERMS, MODELS, OR CONCEPTS FROM THE COURSE TEXTOOK THAT APPLY TO WHAT YOU SAW IN THE VIDEO AND EXPLAIN HOW AND WHY THEY APPLY. What terms or ideas that you saw in each video were most important to you? Explain why you think they are important to organizations or managers? You must reference these terms with intext citations in proper APA format. If you mention a term or concept that is not your own, then you must put a reference at the end of the sentence from either the video or the textbook in APA format. This discussion assignment should be much more then book report of you re-stating what happened in the video. The goal is for you to analyze what took place in the context of the terms in the book. Your post must be at least 300 words long.  YOU MUST ALSO POST TO THE POSTS OF 3 DIFFERENT CLASSMATES TO GET FULL CREDIT.Undercover Boss – Sodexo S4 E4 (Canadian TV series) get full credit you must fully address the following:USE THE INFORMATION BELOW AS A CHECKLIST TO ENSURE THAT YOU WILL GET FULL CREDIT.Post was minimum of 300 words and you must post to at least twice to another classmate post or post to two different classmates which a post that asked a question or makes a comment that is more than 30 words long. Analyzed and synthesizes theory and/or practice to develop new ideas and ways of conceptualizing and applying course content. Addressed relevance to current trends/events/climate in the industry.  Built on the discussion by adding own examples, course materials, asking questions, etc. Responded to the question with intext citations in APA format. (This means paragraphs must have references embedded in them.View the link below: multiple terms and concepts from the course text, readings, and media to support answers.  These terms must be cited in proper APA format. Analyzed and synthesizes theory and/or practice to develop new ideas and ways of conceptualizing and applying course content. Addressed relevance to current trends/events/climate.  Built on the discussion by adding own examples, course materials, asking questions, etc. Demonstrated graduate level writing with correct grammar, sentence structure, spelling, punctuation, and APA format. Wrote in full paragraphs with a sentence structure and paragraph structure of responses are clear, logical, and easy to follow. The M.E.A.L writing approach is often the most effective. Link on the writing approach: the above items as a checklist that your assignment is complete before your final submission.Responses:1)  I have seen many Undercover Boss episodes; however, I have not viewed them the same as I saw this episode. Since taking this organizational behavior class, it has given me a new outlook on how I analyze different situations, such as the ones seen in this episode (Robbins & Judge, 2016). In this particular episode, President Dean Johnson of Sodexo Canada disguises himself and goes out to work in the field with four different Sodexo employees (Carroll & Lembke, 2014). While doing this, Johnson witnesses the motivation and involvement that each employee provides to the company in their respective role (Robbins & Judge, 2016).        In this episode, I was intrigued by the story of each employee; however, there were two that really stuck out to me (Carroll & Lembke, 2014). The first employee that stuck out to me was Patrick, who was a head grill cook (Carroll & Lembke, 2014). Patrick stated, “I have worked for Sodexo for eight years; they pretty much raised me” (Carroll & Lembke, 2014).  Patrick took great interest in his position and provided great leadership to set examples for other employees to follow (Robbins & Judge, 2016). In the end, Dean Johnson and Sodexo rewarded Patrick for his role by making improvements to the restaurant and providing him with a wedding reception and a down payment for his house (Carroll & Lembke, 2014).        The other employee that I was intrigued by was Glenn, who was a utility custodian at Acadia Athletics Complex (Carroll & Lembke, 2014). Glenn wore many hats for his position within the athletic complex, which demonstrated a wide skill variety (Robbins & Judge, 2016) According to Robbins and Judge (2016), skill variety is “the degree to which a job requires a variety of different activities” (p. 360). In the end, Glenn was also awarded for his contribution to the company by paid travel to see his family and new work equipment to help him easier complete his daily work task (Carroll & Lembke, 2014).2) While reviewing the assigned video and textbook, I noticed various aspects that apply to my current career at University of Kentucky (UK). According to Johnson (2014), “it is very important for the employees to feel part of the client organization that they are serving” (Johnson, 2014). I can relate to this from a hospital’s perspective. While working in IT, I can walk around the hospital to see how my work is helping patients with their daily needs of care. It is very humble to see the entire picture of your work, rather than sitting in an office every day. Sometimes when walking around to different departments, I notice things that our organization can improve on. I then make a note and give it to upper level management for review. We have employee engagement survey’s every year in order to display our thoughts on how things are working and were their needs to be improvement. Listening to the employee’s needs and providing the proper training for growth, will lead to a bigger profit for the organization. As the book states, “as a general rule, happy workers are more likely to be productive workers” (Robbins & Judge, 2016, P.42).According to Johnson (2014) “One of the things that important is you are going to be busy but when you at home get all of that stuff off your mind and be home for your family” (Johnson, 2014). This a very good point because everyone needs a break away from work to regain strength and sense of being. In my current organization they remind us monthly to take time off in order to have a balance between work and life. People can get so caught up at work that they forget about their families and it is not healthy. According to Robbins and Judge (2016), “Millions of single-parent employees and employees with dependent parents face significant challenges in balancing work and family responsibilities” (Robbins and Judge, 2016, p.11).3) The idea of the television show Undercover Boss is not only great for entertainment, it is healthy for organizations. In the beginning of the show, the narrator explained that companies have to adapt in order to stay competitive (Undercover Boss, 2014). In order for corporations to do this, they have to analyze every detail of their institutions. What better way to do this than to analyze each level of the institution. It is fascinating to watch the president of a company interact with the frontline workers. It truly shows their character in how they treat these employees. Additionally, a president may find out more information through informal channels than formal channels (Robbins & Judge, 2017). Organizations can take employee surveys, but the data that the president receives when he goes undercover is more raw and authentic. For Sodexo, the president found his experience on the front lines invaluable and even had his department heads take a turn (Undercover Boss, 2014). This gives the employees a chance for upward communication (Robbins & Judge, 2017). Patrick acknowledged this when he said that it meant a lot to him “to speak to the president and have him actually care” (Undercover Boss, 2014). Those in leadership need to value their employees.During his time undercover, the president saw first-hand how hard employees work and their great positive attitudes (Undercover Boss, 2014). Attitude towards a job is an important factor for how employees work (Robbins & Judge, 2017). Even from personal experience, I’ve noticed I am more productive when I have a better attitude. And, as a supervisor I also notice that when my employees feel valued and have good attitudes, they care about their job more.            While on the front lines of the company, President Dean Johnson experiences oral communication from those training him (Robbins & Judge, 2017). He also initiated a lot of emotional sharing (Robbins & Judge, 2017). This helped him to connect with his employees and hear their honest feedback of the Sodexo company (Robbins & Judge, 2017). This also helped him to understand his employees better, and see what they find worth working for. The rewards he granted at the end of the show were personal. These will help to retain the employees and also increases their life satisfaction (Robbins & Judge, 2017).            Sodexo cannot afford these rewards for every employee in their workforce. Similarly, not every company can offer these extreme incentives. In the organization I work for, there are not a lot of incentive programs. Our president does his best to be verbally encourage the employees, but I think that financial incentives would go a long way, especially in recruiting. At the same time, I am thankful that my salary does not waiver if we have a low semester.

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