Hi, do you have answers to the course International Financial Finance on your website?

Hi, do you have answers to the course International Financial Finance on your website? This is my homework: 1) Asymmetric information is a form ofA) market imperfection.B) regulatory arbitrage.C) capital market liberalization.D) financial sector deregulation.2) Problems resulting from market imperfections includeA) adverse selection.B) herding behavior.C) moral hazard.D) all of the above.3) If a government implements regulations that lead firms to produce at levels of output different from the economically efficient output, thenA) the government should implement capital market liberalization to resolve the problem.B) the IMF should be allowed to intervene.C) the regulation suffers from asymmetric information.D) this is called policy-created distortions.4) When firms choose to produce aboard instead of domestically, it may be the result ofA) herding behavior.B) regulatory arbitrage.C) moral hazard.D) IMF intervention.5) Portfolio capital flows tend to beA) part of an overall, longer term investment strategy.B) shorter term in nature.C) involved in acquiring ownership positions in excess of 10%.D) detrimental to the development of a nation’s financial sector.6) A legal restriction on the movement of assets denominated in foreign currencies into and out of a nation is calledA) a private capital flow constraint.B) stabilizing FDI.C) a capital control.D) a hot money flow.7) Economists believe that exchange rate regimesA) do not come in one-size fits all.B) are determined best by the trading partners of a nation.C) should be dictated by a country’s level of development.D) do not interfere with discretionary monetary policy.8) The theory that every nation should choose an exchange rate regime that is either completely flexible or completely fixed isA) known as dollarization.B) now the standard for economic thought.C) no longer recommended by policy makers.D) known as the corners hypothesis.9) One clear benefit of dollarization isA) the convenience of using the U.S. dollar for all transactionsB) the elimination of treasury responsibilities.C) the reassurance that monetary policy is managed by experts.D).   the reduction of country risk and risk premiums on interest rates.10) One clear cost of dollarization isA) the price of importing U.S. dollars to the country.B) the loss of monetary policy independence.C) the inability of domestic banks to set their own interest rate structures.D) the loss of domestic financial architecture.11) The trilemma refers to the idea thatA) policy makers may choose two but not three of a set of policy options.B) discretionary monetary policy, fixed exchange rates, and liberalized capital markets cannot happen simultaneously.C) if policy makers choose to have liberalized capital markets, they can either have discretionary monetary policy or fixed exchange rates.D) all of the above12) If policy makers try to implement a flexible exchange rate, capital market liberalization, and discretionary monetary policy, they may create a financial crisis. This problem is known as theA) trilemma.B) risk triangle.C) sterilization risk.D) financial deconstruction matrix.13) If the IMF comes back to a loan holder demanding that they implement new economic policies, it is calledA) ex post conditionality.B) ex ante conditionality.C) discriminatory lending.D) loan refinancing.14) Ex post conditionality is most often accused of A) undermining the credibility of the IMF.B) reducing the frequency of ex ante conditionality.C) increasing the number of country’s borrowing too much money.D) diminishing the financial longevity of the IMF.15) One complaint about the World Bank isA) that it primarily lends to African nations when there are many other regions in need of loansB) that it constantly implements ex post conditionality in its lending.C). that it often lends to nations that have no trouble finding private funds.D) that it practice of ex ante conditionality detracts from its credibility.16) In the absence of adequate private lending, governments could support policies called A) risk based capital requirementsB) hot money flows.C) capital controls.D). microlending.17) The HIPC initiative was designed toA) supercede the Cologne Debt InitiativeB). restructure in poor countries during the 1990s.C) undo the damage caused by the Paris club.D) replace existing capital controls in HIPC nations.18) One problem of the HIPC initiative is thatA) some creditor nations were not included in the negotiations.B) the funding can only come from member nations.C) the heavily indebted poor countries do not want to participate.D) the IMF and World Bank do not support the initiative.19) One economic variable that remains illusive is A) global debt servicing ratios.B) a financial crisis indicator.C) the actual amount of debt owned by private banks.D) the credit ratings of individual nations.20) A mechanism for use in tracking the likelihood of a financial crisis is known as A) exchange rate regimes indicators.B) risk based capital controls.C) an impossible variable to find.D) an early warning system.

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