Homework assignment. Respond to TWO discussion post by fellow classmates.  All responses to your classmates must have support from relevant websites, NO JOURNALS AND NO SCHOLARLY PUBLICATIONS. This m

Homework assignment. Respond to TWO discussion post by fellow classmates.  All responses to your classmates must have support from relevant websites, NO JOURNALS AND NO SCHOLARLY PUBLICATIONS. This means any and all opinions, facts or conclusions must show support from relevant websites, NO JOURNALS AND NO SCHOLARLY PUBLICATIONS. APA in text citations, reference list and sound writing mechanics are required. Responses to initial postings should be specific and assess whether posting accurately and sufficiently addresses the questions asked in the discussion topic.  Assessments should be explained as to why the information is or is not correct and/or complete, providing correct information to enhance the discussion. Incorporating relevant research from course content or external sources strengthens all postings.ORIGINAL QUESTION Drawing from your own experience, select a process (a set of specified steps to accomplish a task) used at your place of work or in your interaction with a business that you would like to see improved and briefly describe the process.  Be sure you have identified a specific process rather than a general business problem or area. 1)  Explain why you picked that process. 2)  Explain the steps you might take to analyze how to improve the process.3)  Who should be involved with you? 4)  What are some of the questions you should ask about the current process? 5)  How will you know if the process was actually improved?First, we need to be sure you can identify a process; many students have difficulty with that, so refer to your class readings.  Be sure to pick a fairly narrow scope for your process – for example, processing an invoice for payment vs. Accounts Payable. I am also interested in the method to be used to improve the process, not a solution.  (For example, I am not looking for something like:  “The Café where I work is not selling enough coffee. We should use social media to advertise more.”  The discussion here is about identifying a specific process and how a business would go about deciding how to improve that process, who should be involved, what should be considered, and what steps should be taken to be able to analyze the current process and plan for improvement.)  You should employ the techniques discussed in class or those that you find in your research.  Keep in mind that outside resources strengthen your responses******My homework is to provide a response to this student discussion post, Response must have in text citations AND references from relevant websites, NO JOURNALS AND NO SCHOLARLY PUBLICATIONS****** Damian Johnson Student PostAn electronic filing system and a database are different and the databases has far surpasses the filing system. I believe part of our reading was on Optimizing Business Processes and it covered some stuff about centralizing files and utilizing technology so resources and teams can work simultaneously as opposed to in parallel. I agree that utilizing an electronic file system does have many advantages. I would suggest a database for what you are company would benefit from the most. A section on a share drive does have some searching functionality, but a database can set primary keys and foreign keys to files allowing for a faster search and obtaining the information you’re after as opposed to digging through folders to find information, such as, a phone number. There is more that goes behind it and it does take someone to sit down and draw a relational database diagram and then code the database. If you want to get real into it, you can even put a Graphical User Interface (GUI) to work with the database and provide something that is aesthetically pleasing as well as functional.******My homework is to provide a response to this student discussion post, Response must have in text citations AND references from relevant websites, NO JOURNALS AND NO SCHOLARLY PUBLICATIONS****** Logan Holland STUDENT POSTHey Kenneth, this is a very relatable post and I totally can understand the need for great customer service especially in a store where you are making improvements to your home. I have decided to research customer service and great tactics businesses/companies use when performing customer service. After looking at multiple reviews of customers the most common trend I discovered was “speed”. How fast could they get the product delivered or how quick they could get some type of feedback from that service. This is why I would put “response time” as my number one company priority. “One of the biggest factors in good customer service is speed, especially when a client is requesting something that’s time sensitive.” MacDonald, S. (2019). With good customer service many great outcomes can benefit the future of the company such as increase of customers, increase of sales, and more importantly customers will refer your services to others creating more business opportunities.

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