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I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Leadership Strategic. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Leadership Strategic. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Task: Leadership strategic Question The effectiveness of an organization gets portrayed through performance indicators. Notably, many organizations use the performance indicators to make adjustments and identify improvement opportunities. The healthcare organization is an extremely valuable setup, which should offer efficient and reliable services. Contrary to the performance indicators, Evan Berman came up with various performance challenges used to make an adjustment in various setups. Therefore, in order to accomplish objectives in the healthcare organization, various performance challenges remain viable. Resource use and allocation have been a considerable challenge in many management systems especially the healthcare systems. This, in turn, has weakened efficiency of organizations as limited resources narrow production. In order to improve the performance of the health organization, a comprehensive plan on resource allocation becomes imperative, as this encourages wise use of resources while at the same time discouraging wastage (Berman 22). The general management plays an imperative role in enabling efficiency of an organization. Weak managements encourage embezzlement and weak decision making while able management motivate wise decision making as well as efficiency. It is from this perspective that Berman proposes an overhaul of the general health sector with emphasis given to the management. Stakeholders play a vital role in strengthening an organization. It is hence, the role of the organization to meet the demands of external stakeholders (Berman 23). In order to make the health organizations more appealing, attention, to the stakeholders becomes vital, as they form part of the organization. Last but importantly, performance of the general workforce contributes to the success. It is from this perspective that the health organization needs committed and dedicated individuals who offer above average services. Question 2 Leadership qualities help in nurturing competent and competitive leaders. Among the proficient leadership admired and expected in leaders, include goal oriented, honest, inspiring, integrity not forgetting competency. In as much as people desire all the qualities in the emirates a leader should be inspiring. This is due to many factors, which has transformed the administrative systems of the emirates into formally regulated machines. Bureaucracy for instance leads as one of the factors that discourage inspiring leaders against exploring their ability to inspire (Jabbra and Jabbra 135). The bureaucracy has transformed leaders to forgo the inspiring motivation and transform into robotic administrative units. The set standards of integrity and accountability in the emirates discourage inspiring leaders opting to drop their inspiring nature. Consequently, the pyramidal structure of leadership accompanied by stringent laws and legislative demands force leaders to ignore their private traits. The ability to inspire others as well as objectives is one such trait affected in the emirates as laws give jurisdiction of each employee. For example in the emirates, the rights, responsibilities as well as action within a position are regulated royal decrees or the legislature. Any rearing off from the main objective of administration when detected attracts severe punishment. Political influence also plays a significant role in the process of regulating leadership traits a factor that discourages the emergence of competitive and competent leaders (Jabbra and Jabbra 136). The emirates are, therefore, an area surrounded by bureaucratic laws and regulations aimed at regulation more of personal initiatives than legislative actions. It is in this regards that leaders in the emirates find it had to exploit their inspiring leadership traits. Question 3 The Arab world is one of the regions characterized by complex legislative systems because of intermittent administrative styles. The styles are due to various forces employed by the Arab leaders, which result into seclusion from other cultures. Apart from seclusion from other cultures, it has also been difficult for the Middle East administrative culture to adopt western management philosophies, innovations as well as administrative approaches. One such force, which has made it difficult to implement and transform the government of Abu Dhabi, is over centralization of the administrative culture (Jabbra and Jabbra 137). The over centralization has caused enormous changes in the region causing bureaucracy in authority. Consequently, over centralization has produced authoritative leaders who taking advantage of their positions have passive subordinates. The passive subordinates interfere with the general management causing unnecessary tension. Notable the system gives rise to long chain of command where a decision needs long consultative channels to accomplish (Jabbra and Jabbra 135). As a result, distortion and lack of control of organizations become a common phenomena a factor, which makes it different from the western culture, which encourage effortless channels of decision making. Over centralization in the region has also resulted into leaders, who waste time in nonrelevant matters instead of making use of their full talents. In addition, central offices are not spread around the country forcing people to travel to crowded towns in order to clear various transactions. This makes it difficult to conform with the western culture as the western culture encourages decentralization of operations to grassroots. The excessive centralization, therefore, causes pragmatic realities forcing a bureaucracy life in the whole region. It is from this perspective that despite attempts to transform the administrative culture it becomes difficult. Work cited Berman, Evan. Performance and Productivity in Public and Nonprofit Organizations. New York, NY: M.E. Sharpe, 2006. Print Jabbra, Joseph and Jabbra, Nancy. Administrative culture in a global context. New York, NY: de Sitter Publications, 2005.

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