I need some assistance with these assignment. us history Thank you in advance for the help!

I need some assistance with these assignment. us history Thank you in advance for the help! Running Head: The US History The US History s History of nations reveals that people and the countries have to undergo through enormous hardships for attaining conformity, peace and progress for the generations. The history of United States is a story of continuous efforts of revolutionaries, thinkers and common men. People of the US had been facing slavery, economic brutality and many other problems under British rule. Franco – British war had ignited the situation during mid of 18th century and colonists of the Britain had abruptly supported France against the United Kingdom in war. Though the British forces had won the war but the repercussions of war were never good for the Americans as Sugar Act and various other steps were taken to crush the American natives. Thomas Paine had published pamphlets to stimulate revolt against the British rule due to ongoing situation and in response to the pamphlet Charles Inglis wrote arguments in favor of reconciliation with the Britain. “Declaring independence by the American was not favorable due to insufficiency of resources and it came up with many challenges. So in short term, reconciliation was the remaining workable option.” According to Charles Inglis (1776), after attainment of independence by the America would create huge economic challenges that it would not be able to meet without British support. Britain would support the American trade because of its widely developed naval force and seamen otherwise American trading ships would be at risk. Reconciliation would also bring peace that could result in demolishing war tax and promotion of trade. Many human lives had been lost and further turmoil would endanger several lives as well, hence peace could serve as the only possible solution (Oakes). During 1760s Jefferson, Hamilton, Paine and many other revolutionists were of view that independence from British rule could give due rights to common people and would cultivate egalitarianism. However Inglis was of view that turmoil and use of force would only be accelerated because of declaration of independence and unrest would never end the claims to vanish slavery. Further it would disunite the people of America and progress would be hindered while distribution of wealth would remain the same as it were in the British rule. Post revolution time revealed the fact that wealth distribution had not been changed as it was claimed by the revolutionists (Lecture Note: Post Revolution). Inglis was also of view that proved right with the passage of time that none of the European nation would like to trade with America due to unhealthy economic situation of an embryonic state. After revolution, America was unable to gain international trade as the debts were not paid off that were taken during time of revolution (Lecture Note: Post Revolution). Consequently, it was a hard time for the Americans to fight the circumstances and slavery and there were scores of hurdles as well but they were able to fight and win and ultimately they had a democratic constitution with participation of common people as well. Finally America was independent but it had to pay the price that Inglis had forbidden and proposed through reconciliation. ReferencesInglis,&nbsp.C. (1776).&nbsp.The True Interest of America Impartially Stated.

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