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I will pay for the following article Alchemy and Remedy in Higher Education. The work is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

I will pay for the following article Alchemy and Remedy in Higher Education. The work is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Research paper: Test Evaluations Psychometric tests involve a wide array of tools for evaluating one’s personality, knowledge, abilities, attitudes or educational measurements (The American Psychological Association 1999). These tests help to evaluate a person’s emotions and intelligence to screen candidates for jobs or in education to determine personality weaknesses and strengths.Personality tests evaluate the thought, attitudes, emotions and behavioral features that compromise personality. This test is widely used in various areas like businesses, schools and job market. The tests can be objective or projective depending on the method of response (Kline 2005). Objective evaluations possess a limited set-up for response e.g. Minnesota multiphasic personality inventory or child behavior checklist. Projective tests gives opportunity for free answering of the questions, example is the Rorschach test (The American Psychological Association 1999). Research shows that the utility and validity of projective tests is lower than objective tests because some are more time consuming in comparison to the objective tests.Sexology tests have a limited number of receptions. This field provides different methods of psychological evaluations to examine various aspects of dysfunction, problems or discomforts (Kline 2005). The tests give less regard to individuality or relationships and hence have a very low validity and utility level. Most of sexology tests are written through questionnaires while a few of them are delivered orally.Neuropsychological tests on children and adolescents help them to evaluate their various levels of performance and to determine the regions that may show some conditions of mental impairment (Kline 2005). The tests are performed to these individuals after any brain injury, organic neurological problems or brain damage. They can also help to show development delays or learning disabilities in children (The American Psychological Association 1999). Due to their performance their validity and utility is in continuous growth as many people continue to grow concern on their children’s’ health now and future.ReferencesThe American Psychological Association. (1999). Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing. Washington, DC: APA Press Kline, T. J. B. (2005). Psychological testing: A practical approach to design and evaluation. Thousand Oaks, Calif: Sage.Plagiarism1. Paraphrasing Different theories of adult learning have been derived to help improve the efforts of theorists and practitioners in understanding adult learning. The theories provide better ways in workable and testable forms for explaining the adult learning process and further strive to show the differences in child and adult learning (Gilmore 2008). These theories also focus on describing how such factors as psychology, social, emotions and physiology effect adult learning. Hence, the ideas of such authors of these theories as psychologists, sociologists or educators add value to the comprehensive understanding of adult students. They also help to create serene environment for the unique needs of the adult students (Marsh 2007).2. Summery Educators, sociologists and psychologists have come up with different theories to help understand adult learning. To prove their theories, they accompany them with workable and testable samples to help explain the adult learning process. These theories show distinct features of adult and children learning processes with effecting factors like psychology, emotions, social and physiology. These generated ideas are then used to create favorable learning environment for adults suitable for their unique needs.3. Quotation Educators, sociologists and psychologists have come up with different theories to help in the understanding of adult learning. They accompany their theories with workable and testable samples to help explain the adult learning processes and to prove their theories (Marsh 2007). These theories seek to distinct adult learning processes form child learning processes paying c lose attention to factors like emotional, psychological, social and physiological elements that influence the education process. “To that end, ideas generated by educators, sociologists and psychologists all contribute to a comprehensive understanding of the adult learner and how to create a learning environment that is most suitable to their unique needs” (Gilmore 2008).Part IIVersion 1 has no plagiarizes because the quotation has used entirely different words to provide the same meaning (Marsh 2007).Version 2 has some content of plagiarism especially in the last sentence. The last sentence of this version of the quotation is the same as the first sentence of the original text. The words of the sentence match those of the original excerpt. Version 3: if E-learning teams chose to make online learning relevant to learners they should consider such elements as values, beliefs, cultures and histories that are in close relation with e learning. Such considerations motivate learners since the information they gain becomes relevant and obvious to them (Gilmore, 2008).ReferencesMarsh, B. (2007). Plagiarism: Alchemy and remedy in higher education. Albany: State University of New York Press.Gilmore, B. (2008). Plagiarism: Why it happens, how to prevent it. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann.

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