I will pay for the following article The Value of Life Coaching in Uncertain Economic Times. The work is to be 4 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

I will pay for the following article The Value of Life Coaching in Uncertain Economic Times. The work is to be 4 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. In fact, everyone tries to maximize his or her benefits at the expense of others since the resources available for the affluent metropolitan lifestyle of the middleclass are scarce and costly. How could one achieve things and conquer life without compromising on lifestyle and personal affluenceOnce again, the world is facing a financial recess with all its severities and retrogressive effects on the lives of the hard-working people from around the world as it occurred at the time of the Great Depression. Share markets are collapsing. National economies are being bankrupted. The employed looses his/her job on one fine morning and finds nothing for subsistence and survival. How could one still think of a successful career and what could be done for guaranteeing a life with dignityThe sophisticated efforts of human resource development that aims to address the complexities life in twenty first century has led to the spawning of innovations such as life coaching. Life coaching enables one to churn one’s own life in difficult times with the help of a trained professional as it becomes necessary to ‘born again’ in order to fight back against the vicissitudes of life in the new millennium. Life coaching not only brings about changes in ones life that could provide him with a place in the class of the fittest that are capable of survival but also empower the trained to sustain such desired changes. Life coaching enhances both physical and mental capabilities and potentials in order to make one competent enough to be successful in all the spheres of life ranging from material to spiritual. Therefore, eminent theorists such as Zeus and Skiffington define life coaching as ‘structured and process-driven relationship between a trained professional and an individual to achieve valuable and sustainable changes in life’. Life coaching as a tool of self-realization in this world is designed to assist persons who want to become No.1s at multiple arenas of life such as career, education, relationships, status, health and happiness. It is important to note that life coaching is sought after by professionals and white-collar employees who always seek to go beyond where they are actually placed in and acquire skills that they presently do not have. Significantly, life coaching does not see life in its parts but validates it as something qualitatively and quantitatively greater than its parts. The strength of life coaching lies in the fact that it is a holistic approach towards solving difficult problems in life. One cannot solve the problems s/he encounters at one particular field of life alone since living difficulties are interrelated and interdependent. Therefore, life coaching advocates a combination of techniques and solutions while encountering a particular hardship in life. To be precise, life coaching is not merely solving one or another problem faced by a person but reforms and renovates a person and redefines his/her existence. One who undergoes such an experience will not be infested by the residues of the ‘old’ life but will be radiating with the energies of new life. One who gets life coaching could substantially alter his/her abilities, attitudes, values, emotions, and aspirations.

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