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In response to Michelle and Kiera post, connect students’ examples to earlier units of study in this course. For example, point out how a misuse

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In response to Michelle and Kiera post, connect students’ examples to earlier units of study in this course. For example, point out how a misuse or misinterpretation of an average relates to sampling, ethics, or visual displays. Michelle post How are the averages of Covid related deaths being tallied?  This provides a warranted example of how averages may not provide society with accurate representation.  Depending on the source(s) as well as what information is being assessed, societal groups may have conflicting knowledge with respect to reported statistics. Among my personal group of acquaintances, different opinions are voiced regarding beliefs pertaining to accurate numbers of deaths due to Covid-19.  My understanding is that deaths reported in the media represent deaths regardless of whether or not they were due to comorbidities (concurrent incidence of 2 or more diseases or medical conditions).  In my personal experience, some of my acquaintances have extremely strong opinions regarding validity and truth surrounding the pandemic due to how the information is being reported. Kiera post The problem with the average is that it can be calculated in many ways. For example, mean, median, or mode are all considered averages. Also, when outliers are included in the data, it makes averages more inaccurate. An average can be misinterpreted because in most cases, “…we are not given enough information about how the average was computed” (Pearson, 122). One example of an average that could be misinterpreted is the best type of car. There are many articles everywhere that have percentages and numbers saying which car is the best in different conditions. These numbers can be skewed and a lot of the time these are opinions and are biased. Some ways to avoid misuse or misinterpretation of these averages would be to take out bias. It is important when providing statistics that bias is left out. With bias, outliers may be left in to skew the data in their favor. Outliers should be left out to keep the averages as accurate as possible. Also, when calculating an average, they should include how they figured it out. Reply to Stella and Amy posts and be constructive and professional, advancing the conversation with questions and examples. Stella post Market research is collecting, analyzing and interpreting data to solve marketing difficulties. Market research is used for various reasons, and it s people make the right decisions (McDaniel & Gates, 2018). Therefore marketing research is a crucial component when developing a marketing plan. If the marketing strategy is carried out correctly, it can assist in enlightening the marketing undertakings. The other importance is that it s one to identify the target clients and know their requirements. Besides, it offers key understandings and information to the business. Through market research, one can identify clients and rivals. It will also one know the people interested in the business products and services, what inspires them, and whether they will be reliable to the business. For example, when starting a hotel business, one should research the location, business competitors, population, and what people prefer. The information will guide the person in developing the market strategy and offer products and services that will satisfy the customers. Again, the information will in decreasing possible risks when making decisions for the hotel. The other benefit of using market research when developing a marketing strategy is that it s people understand the environment, know clients and their needs (McDaniel & Gates, 2018). The business environment keeps changing, and therefore is vital to do research and know what aspects are changing that could affect the marketing strategies. Likewise, knowing the wide market surrounding will one to recognize new openings for the business. Given that the business environment changes depending on the season, it is essential to continue doing research and develop ways to expand what one offers depending on the dynamic changes. Amy post It is imperative to a company’s future and health to poll end customers on where you stand within their expectations, not just on the actual product you provide, but the service in how you provided the product. This information not only should be collected often, but the polling and gathering of the information is worthless unless it is acted upon. This information is the mechanism to keep your company current and competitive if you use it wisely. Coincidentally, I just finished a questionnaire regarding my recent automobile purchase. Since I made the purchase, I have received numerous questionnaires regarding my satisfaction. Automakers heavily rely on this information.  According to Technavio Research (2018), “Market research report on the global industrial communication market in the automotive industry also provides an analysis of the most important trends expected to impact the market outlook during the forecast period.” One thing they do that I think is imperative is they send a questionnaire right away while all the information is fresh in a person’s mind. The survey I received was very thorough but basically asked me if I researched other vehicles and which ones, and why I ultimately purchased the Navigator. They were looking to trend what is important to the end buyer. It even asked about my dealership experience, and if that was important to me. The dealership sent a survey completely on how I felt about my experience. One thing they asked was where I did my research and if I read about it in magazines, radio, or other places. This can tell a business where they need to concentrate advertising, and where they might be wasting money. Surveys can tell a business where they need to concentrate efforts.

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