nical trial to test the effectiveness of a new beta blocker. Any individual may decide not participate without fear of affecting the current medical treatment best defines which of the following human rights? Question 7 An individual who agrees to participate in a study has the right to fair treatment. This best defines which of the following human rights? Question 8 A researcher is recruiting elderly females in an assisted living center to participate in a study testing a dietary supplement to help prevent osteoporosis. The researcher explains that every attempt will be made to prevent any harm to the individual’s overall health if the supplement is taken with breakfast every morning best defines which of the following principles? Question 9 Individual information may be used in a study if there is a process to de-identify specific elements. Which of the following data would need to be coded so the individual person could not be identified? Question 10 A researcher is performing a study on the effects of biofeedback on blood pressure and treatment of hypertension. The level of protection from harm must be identified in any study. This study most likely would be classified as Question 11 A benefit-risk ratio must be determined when designing a study. A research benefit could include all but Question 12 A research team is preparing a report of the findings of their clinical trial on a new medication for treatment of parathyroid disease. A decision was made to eliminate ten of the subjects because their blood calcium levels were abnormal at week 10 of the study and resulted in non-significant clinical findings. This is an example of: Question 13 A graduate student is preparing the proposal for his thesis and wants to use Watson’s Theory of Caring as the conceptual model for the study. He searches the web and finds a discussion of the theory and how it is applied to clinical research. He decides this is written very clearly and wants to use this information word for word in his thesis. This is an example of which of the following? Question 14 Clinical studies utilizing human subjects must receive Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval. Which of the following information must be submitted to the IRB? Question 15 The IRB approves using information in a medical record data set as long as the patient identifying information is removed. What level of subject consent would be required before the researcher could access the data?NURS3151 Foundations Nursing Research Week 3 Quiz Question 1 Quantitative research can be described as Question 2 A quantitative research study Question 3 The blueprint for quantitative studies is termed Question 4 Methods to collect data in a descriptive quantitative study could include all but Question 5 Correlation research may be used to Question 6 The results of correlation research Question 7 Home care nurses are observed as they provide skin care to individuals with hospital acquired pressure ulcers. On average

the nurses spend at least ten minutes more providing this care than they normally do. This is an example of what concept relevant to quantitative research? Question 8 How is a sample different from a population? Question 9 A researcher is studying the relationship between fatigue and stress among staff nurses in an acute care setting. 100 nurses were recruited and completed a self-administered questionnaire. This can add bias to the study because Question 10 When selecting a questionnaire to be used as a research instrument

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