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The wide range of tools, knowledge, and/or techniques used to transform inputs into outputs in an organization is called the organization’s: task environment. structure. mission.

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The wide range of tools, knowledge, and/or techniques used to transform inputs into outputs in an organization is called the organization’s: task environment. structure. mission. technology. ________ is the applied science of energy and matter. Psychology Engineering Management Medicine In an open system the transformation or conversion of inputs to outputs is accomplished with: technology. task. regulatory agencies. clients. Psychology is defined as: the science of human behavior. the science of society. the study of overseeing activities   and supervising people in organizations. the science of human learned   behavior. Which of the following organizational variables affects human behavior at work? Organizational structure Job specifications The macro environment Organizational performance The science of human behavior is: anthropology. sociology. engineering. psychology. A questioning, probing attitude is at the core of: job analysis. organizational reality. critical thinking. personal interaction skills. Culture and the study of learned behavior comprise the domain of: management. anthropology. sociology. psychology. ________ is the total dedication to continuous improvement and to customers so that the customers’ needs are met and their expectations exceeded. Program management Total quality management Intention mining Supply chain management Kurt Lewin may have best captured alternative explanations for human behavior when he stated that behavior is a function of: the individual personality and   preferences for leadership style. compliant and deviant behavior within   social groups. the organizational culture and group   dynamics. both the person and the environment. A federal regulatory agency can be considered part of an organization’s: formal structure. labor market. external task environment. transformation technology. A leading force currently driving change at work is: global competition. politics. population. process management. The recent emphasis on sources and treatment of hypertension with respect to occupational health and well-being is an example of a contribution from the discipline of ________. medicine psychology sociology management The manufacturing sector ________. includes transportation, financial   services and insurance provides the essential infrastructure   for different sectors includes the production of basic   materials, such as steel, and finished products, such as automobiles is important for the collective   well-being of the society because it meets needs that other sectors do not   address An organization’s suppliers, customers, and federal regulators are called the: task environment. market. political environment. general environment. Which of the following is NOT a classification for ethical theories? Humanitarian Rule-based Consequential Cultural Which of the following generations of workers tends to be impatient, wants short-term gratification, and puts family before work? Silent generation Generation Y Baby busters Baby boomers The Americans with Disabilities Act defines disabled as: persons with permanent physical and   mental problems. anyone with a physical or mental   impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities. individuals with physical impairments   only. those who cannot work. Individuals born between 1965 and 1976 are known as the ________. baby boomers swing generation Generation X baby busters While the globalization of business affects all parts of the organization, which area of the organization is particularly affected? Marketing Operations MIS Human resources An expatriate manager is one who: has left a transnational organization   to work for a competitor. works within a foreign-owned company   within their own country. works in a country other than his or   her home country. has given his or her allegiance to a   transnational type of organization over a more national/domestic perspective. Which of the following sources of diversity has received increasing attention by explaining how homophobia affects productivity? Culture Gender Sexual orientation Social status A transnational organization is one where: it’s nationality is held strongly in   the consciousness of managers even though the organization competes on a   global scale. the global viewpoint supersedes   national issues. employing a multicultural mix of   workers is avoided to prevent diversity among employees. d. a prevalent   ethnic viewpoint begins to be held strongly in the consciousness of managers. The major difference between prejudice and discrimination is: prejudice has been shown to have more   of an impact on productivity than discrimination. discrimination has been shown to have   more of an impact on productivity than prejudice. prejudice refers to behavior, while   discrimination refers to an attitude. prejudice refers to an attitude,   while discrimination refers to behavior. Corporations that shatter the glass ceiling have many practices in common; however, these practices do NOT include: upper-management support for the   advancement of women. women representation on committees   that address strategic business issues. targeting women for participation in   executive education. systems that identify women for   advancement with certain quotas in place. The work of Hofstede is important because his studies revealed that more differences in work-related attitudes can be explained by: gender. profession. national culture. age. According to your text, African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans are likely to be at a disadvantage within organizations because: they are under-represented in   declining occupations. they tend to live in a small number   of large cities that are facing severe economic difficulties. available jobs in the future will   require less skill than in the past. the proportion of African-Americans   and Hispanic-Americans who are qualified for higher level jobs are often   higher than the proportion of qualified whites and Asian-Americans. Managing diversity requires: being a good corporate citizen. complying with affirmative action. assimilating women and minorities   into a dominant male culture. the examination of the hidden   assumptions that employees hold Many U.S. and Canadian firms have located manufacturing plants in Mexico to take advantage of lower labor costs. Additionally, many tariffs on U.S. exports have been reduced. These global changes occurred because of: the European union. GATT agreements. NAFTA. Perestroika Attention to diversity has particularly increased in recent years because of: the use of telecommunications. the opportunity for use of lower cost   labor in other countries. the changing demographics of the   working population. legislation.

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