Write 2 pages with APA style on Nursing and Self-Care Management. ?Nursing and Self-?are ManagementSince this will be the first time interacting with the patient it will be prudent to conduct head to

Write 2 pages with APA style on Nursing and Self-Care Management. ?Nursing and Self-?are ManagementSince this will be the first time interacting with the patient it will be prudent to conduct head to toe assessment. This involves trying to establish issues related to the patient’s emotions, physique, mental situation, the surrounding environment and social issues.The approach towards establishing the above is by creating a good rapport that will enable the patient to freely interact while being examined willcreate rapport by introducing meto the Mrs. Smith and trying to inquire the patient’s name in return. While doing that it is vital to ensure all the necessary apparatus are within reach. The hands are to be washed and before doing anything to the patient it is vital to explain to Mrs. Smith whatever action about to be performed. I will enquire medical records of in a bid to establish the medical history of the patient as well as her feelings and perception towards the recent diagnosis. Finally, it will also be vital to enquire if there is any information that may be of great help towards determination of the ailment as well as any leading factors that may have contributed to the patient’s latest predicaments (Paraska, 2012).Self-Care management strategies towards Mrs. Smith IllnessMrs. Smith previous history indicated that she had been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis and lately congestive heart failure. Osteoarthritis is a condition that affects the joints of the human body. Normally the joints are cushioned with a cartilage that prevents friction between the joint bones during motion. However, when the cartilage deteriorates these bones rub on each other resulting into painful inflammation. The condition is common in women and children with the grossly affected age being the age between 40 to 60 years. Its characteristic symptoms are morning stiffness, pains at the joints, swell at the affected joints and reduced activities. Conversely, Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) is a condition characterised by loss of or shortness of breath, fatigue, and reduced activities. This is due to the heart failure to supply oxygen and nutrients to other organs or to all parts of the body (Fawcett & Madeya, 2013).The self-care management goal that is related to the above discussed ailments is by examining Mrs. Smith’s lifestyle and giving appropriate advice on the need to readjust her lifestyle.In most cases individual lifestyle is always the causative factors that lead to arthritis. This can be due to remedied through regular exercising, maintenance of proper diet, proper sleep and others (Williams & Hopper, 2011).The intervention strategies that can be employed in the above mentioned cases factoring her age is by advising her to try to maintain a healthy lifestyle by continuously getting involve in light activities, ensuring that she adheres her eating habits to proper dieting. Living a productive lifestyle will help in ensuring blood circulation in Mrs. Smith’s bodyis sufficient hence enough provision of oxygen to the required body parts (Williams & Hopper, 2011).The outcomes of the outline strategies will be reduced pain and inflammation at the joints due to arthritis, proper breathing system, and reduced level of fatigue due to sufficient provision of nutrients and oxygen supply. ReferencesParaska, K. (2012). Health promotion in nursing practice. Sudbury, Mass: Jones & Bartlett Learning.Fawcett, J., &Desanto-Madeya, S. (2013). Contemporary nursing knowledge: Analysis and evaluation of nursing models and theories. Philadelphia, PA: F.A. Davis.Williams, L. S., & Hopper, P. D. (2011).Student workbook for Understanding medical surgical nursing. Philadelphia: F.A. Davis Co.

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