Write 9 pages thesis on the topic international supply chain. Not only a collection of such issues will be identified and scrutinized with the help of relevant research material, but also a critical d

Write 9 pages thesis on the topic international supply chain. Not only a collection of such issues will be identified and scrutinized with the help of relevant research material, but also a critical discussion will follow concerning the proposals introduced by scholars as a way of mitigating the issues faced by businesses all over the world. The terms outsourcing/offshoring and insourcing/onshoring are often interchangeably used, but the meaning implied by the term backsourcing explicitly refers to bringing back the work in the country or into the organization which was previously outsourced for whatever reasons (Williams 2012). Outsourcing was previously considered a pretty favorite theme in the business world. It is implied by research that though outsourcing is related to quite a number of negatives, it is always going to retain strength in the business world to a certain extent. Also, outsourcing principles help a business “expand into other markets” (Bender 1999 cited in Elmuti 2003). Outsourcing comes into full action when an organization decides to pull its own workforce out of some activity and assigns an external party or contractor to perform the desired job. Insourcing, in contrast, implies that the things or tasks which were never before considered by an organization to be accomplished within the workplace by personal staff workers have started to be taken back. Outsourcing/offshoring, insourcing/onshoring, and backsourcing are all different terms designated to different kinds of sourcing strategies. It is worth mentioning that with each sourcing strategy multiple challenges and issues are associated for which many efforts have been taken over time to facilitate the employers. These efforts largely focus on how such potential problems can be mitigated to let the business advance successfully. It is claimed by Williams (2012) in his insightful article that currently the most sought sourcing strategy in the business world is backsourcing. Previously, the organizations only preferred those tasks to be performed by their workers at which they were best. All the remaining work tasks for which the in-house workers were not qualified enough or which the employers wanted to be performed at lower costs was actively outsourced by making deals with external parties. “Outsourced service centers employ the expertise and best of breed technology” (Cimato 2011, p. 2). The popularity of outsourcing is evident from an old 1999 study which revealed, “two-thirds of companies worldwide already outsource at least one business process to an external third party” (Goldstein 1999 cited in Elmuti 2003). US business publications suggest that this pattern of outsourcing every possible thing created such frenzy that even the workers had to outsource themselves but in contrast to all those business approaches, “now backsourcing appears to be gaining ground” (Williams 2012). One UK third-party logistics study based on evaluating the nature of change in sourcing strategies in the UK reveals how more and more companies are now intent on bringing work back home. It also identifies that a staggering number of websites for that purpose are devoted now for helping organizations in retransferring jobs and taking work back either inside the country or organizations. A riveting example of this shift in sourcing trends is related to Tesco’s decision of taking back “a large part of its warehousing operation in 2009”.

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