Write a 12 pages paper on the color purple by alice walker. Biographical information Alice Walker’s birthplace was in Eatonton, a small city in Georgia. Her father (Willie Lee Walker) was basically a

Write a 12 pages paper on the color purple by alice walker. Biographical information Alice Walker’s birthplace was in Eatonton, a small city in Georgia. Her father (Willie Lee Walker) was basically a farmer, and her mother (Minnie Lou Walker), a maid. Unlike other African American parents during 1940s in America, Walker’s mother was interested in her daughter’s education. She did not allow her daughter to be a worker in the farm or to work as a maid. Instead, she tried her level best to provide proper education to her daughter. One can see that Walker’s future life was deeply influenced by her mother’s decision to lead her towards education. Stephanie Fitzgerald states that, “From the time she was young, Alice knew that the world was a different place for a black child in the South than it was for a white child anywhere” (22). So, Walker completed her school education. Later, she decided to continue her education and attended Spelman College and another college named as Sarah Lawrence College. When she was a college student, she got attracted towards social activism and this changed her life. For instance, Walker’s activism related to the Civil Rights Movement in America is noteworthy. Besides, Walker considered that anti-war protest/activism was important to extend her service to the needy. Walker’s personal life proves that she was ready to accept diversity. For instance, she married Leventhal in the year 1967. One can see that this marriage was revolutionary because Walker is an African American and Leventhal, a Jew. On the other side, Walker provided ample importance to her career as a writer because she knew that dealing with burning issues in the society is not different from social activism. Plot: The Color Purple The novel’s plot is interconnected with the sad plight of an African American girl in the American society. The narrator of the novel, named as Celie, faces a number of problems in her family. Celie was helpless because her parents did not try to provide proper education to her. Besides, she was forced to undergo sexual exploitation from her step-father. Katharina Eder makes clear that, “At the beginning of the story the reader learns, how Celie, then a 14 year old girl is raped by her, then thought to be father”(5). Eventually, her mother dies and her father became uncontrollable. Her father did not allow Celie’s sister (Nettie) to marry Mr. Johnson. Instead, Celie’s father forces her to marry Mr. Johnson. Within this context, Celie’s personal life became more problematic because Mr. Johnson treated her as a slave, not as his wife. At Mr. Johnson’s home, Sofia (Mr. Johnson’s son’s wife) taught Celie that women must not subdue to men. Once, Mr. Johnson’s lover (say, Shug Avery) happens to be ill and undergoes bed rest at their home. Gradually, Celie gets attracted towards Shug. On the other side, Sofia was not ready to be under the control of her husband and she deserts her husband. In addition, Shug began to interfere into Celie’s personal matters and helped her to know more about her sister. Later, Celie happens to know that her sister is alive and is working with a missionary in Africa.

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