Write a 2 pages paper on franciscan values in cardinal stritch university. ?Franciscan Values in Cardinal Stritch UniversityCardinal Stritch University offers course to teach the learners principles o

Write a 2 pages paper on franciscan values in cardinal stritch university. ?Franciscan Values in Cardinal Stritch UniversityCardinal Stritch University offers course to teach the learners principles of self management in general and Franciscan values in particular. “In his writings, Bonaventure suggests that an intelligent, compassionate, aware person can’t separate knowledge from knowledge of God.” (St. Bonaventure University, n.d.).One sets certain values for one to respect and conform to in order to deal with the matters of everyday life as per the dictations of ethics. These values form part of the fundamental principles of self management that help one in managing one’s personal and social relationships and fulfill one’s social obligations in the best possible way. Therefore, the Cardinal Stritch University offers a course in Franciscan values that is intended to better human beliefs and actions in the best interest of mankind.This paper explains some elements included in the course on Franciscan values offered by the Cardinal Stritch University, their merits and the intended outcomes.A brief description of the course:The Franciscan values taught in the Cardinal Stritch University fundamentally comprise the following categories:1. “Creating a Caring Community2. Showing Compassion3. Reverencing All of Creation4. Making Peace.” (Caridnal Stritch University, n.d.).Merits:The fundamental purpose of delivering this knowledge is to make people love and respect one another. People sharing similar values become affiliated to one another and become united. The multicultural faculty and learners expand the horizons of the university beyond limits. The university offers indiscriminate and unbiased teaching to people belonging to all classes. The values emphasize upon maintaining the environmental health and safety. The Franciscan values discourage violence by resolving interpersonal clashes.Intended outcomes:Through this course, Cardinal Stritch University becomes home to disabled and socially excluded people where they can acquire similar lifestyle as others. People from all ethnic backgrounds are able to benefit from the course. The university intends to develop increased communication links and hence better understanding between teachers and students. The course aims at addressing issues related to sustainable development and ensuring environmental health and safety by developing and implementing such programs. The course is also intended to play a big role in eliminating inter-racial conflicts and spread love, peace and harmony between people belonging to different races and cultures.Critical analysis:Critiques may argue that learning manners in such a formal programme as that offered by the Cardinal Stritch University is a waste of time and may question the justification of such courses. However, a deep analysis of the course suggests that it is a comprehensive course of Franciscan values and has the potential to bring positive results for the society.Conclusion:The course on Franciscan values offered by the Cardinal Stritch University provides a comprehensive understanding of these values. Acceptance and adoption of Franciscan values not only improves one’s management of personal issues but also makes one able to develop oneself as a responsible citizen and respectable social member. One learns how to fulfill one’s social obligations in the best manner. Franciscan values teach people to respect one another’s rights and hence, build a strong nation.References:Franciscan Values, (n.d.). Retrieved September 12, 2010, from St. Bonaventure University. Web site: http://www.sbu.edu/about_sbu.aspx?id=1858Franciscan Values, (n.d.). Retrieved September 12, 2010, from Caridnal Stritch University. Web site: http://www.stritch.edu/about/franciscanvalues.

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