You will prepare and submit a term paper on A review of Ghost map: The story of London’s most terrifying epidemic — and how it changed science, cities, and the modern world. Your paper should be a mi

You will prepare and submit a term paper on A review of Ghost map: The story of London’s most terrifying epidemic — and how it changed science, cities, and the modern world. Your paper should be a minimum of 500 words in length. Introduction Steven Johnson compiles the contents of his book to present the plot of the Ghost Map in a manner to suggest the events prevailing within the minimally neglected entities within the society. The book is written to explain the events that had occurred at a time when London, a leading city had been plagued by an epidemic to threaten the existence of humanity. The disease that had been spread at the time presented the challenges noticed in developing societies that were created in developing the urban centers. The horrific events that had threatened the progress within the urban centers had been impaired in the developed occurrence in the disease. Although the events threatened to dampen development in the society within the novel, Johnson states that the prevalence of scientific technology thrived in the challenging environment.The events within the book are designed in a careful plot development that begins with the lower level at the bacterial level to rise on the developed city level. The contrast is issued on how a minimal entity could be viewed in a dynamic angle that affects events unfolding within the environment. There is the need to highlight the effects of bacteria on the society because the action is prompted to develop a counter measure that limits the spread of the infections. Johnson explains the importance of the scientific inventions in developing measures that would enable sustainability within the cities to promote cohesion. The book is written to highlight the period developed to define the age that there had been industrial revolution and favored the spread of the disease. Just as humanity formulates means to develop the society, Johnson explains the activities of the bacteria to create a network that eventually leads to the infection explained. The Ghost Map highlights the cholera outbreak that had threatened the developing London in 1854 (Pogrebin, 2006). V. cholera had been spread within the society with the number that increased the operations within the urban centers. Urbanization led to the specialization that saw the emergence of scientists find a solution to the threatening cholera spread. The harsh living conditions and poor infrastructure developed had threatened to eliminate the progress established in the developing society (Johnson, 2008). He presents the solution to contain the cholera spread in science. John Snow team up with Henry Whitehead to present the solution that ended the spread of the pandemic (Pogrebin, 2006). With the remarkable achievement, the developed solution saw the emergence of the updated epidemiology. The contents of the book are developed to support the vital implication that the advancements have presented to the developed society. The prediction is issued on the long-term sustenance developed from the advancements in technology achieved.ConclusionThe greatest pandemic had threatened to impair progress within the society and developed measures to promote limited growth. However, London proved the need for scientific invention on the society that needed the solution to find counter measures against V. Cholerae (Johnson, 2008). The scientific invention developed promised security within the urban setting to sustain urban development and develop the technology to fight the microbes. The society has been sustained with these advances to create the solutions needed to develop sustenance. Bacteria have since become a minimal threat within the modern society with research conducted to contain the spread (Johnson, 2008).ReferencesJohnson, S. (2008). The Ghost Map: A Street, an Epidemic and the Hidden Power of Urban Networks. Penguin Books Limited. London. Print.Pogrebin, R. (2006). In a Multimedia Realm Where Book Meets Blog. The New York Times.

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